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Education Funding

Invest in your family’s future today with pre-planned education funding. If you plan to pay for your children to attend private school or college or you yourself are seeking a higher education we can show you how to turn your future into an investment today.

Coverdell Funding

A tax-deferred Coverdell Education Saving Account is a great way to pay for a child’s elementary, secondary, and higher education expenses. Assets from this account can be used for qualified expenses including tuition, fees, room and board, as well as books and supplies.

529 College Savings Plan *

Parents and grandparents have a more efficient way to save for their children’s and grandchildren’s higher education with the 529 College Saving Plan. The account holder maintains control of the account until it is used by the student. Assets may be used to pay for qualified expenses associated with accredited secondary and higher education and professional training.

*Before investing in a 529 plan carefully consider the investment risks, limitations, charges, and expenses. This information can be found in the official statement. Read carefully before investing.