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Estate Planning

You've spent your lifetime accumulating an estate. The professionals at Foster Financial Group join forces with CPAs and attorneys to help you pass on your estate in the most efficient way possible. This is an area of tremendous tax savings potential or equally large loss potential. When considering the estate you've worked your lifetime to build, make sure your family and heirs are well protected and your plans are carried out as you decide.


A written will is the best way to ensure your assets are distributed exactly as you wish following your death. Wills can be updated and modified at any time. The most important thing is to have a Last Will and Testament so your estate does not end up in a family or business dispute.

Estate Tax

Don’t let your estate be consumed by estate taxes. With proper planning you can easily protect what you have worked so hard to build. On the other hand, putting it off can leave your heirs faced with large financial burdens.

Beneficiary Analysis

Knowing your assets will financially assist your beneficiaries is comforting. Are you just as certain those same assets will not create a burden when it comes time for allocation? Start with beneficiary analysis and you can protect both your estate and your loved ones to ensure maximum efficiency of distribution - now that is peace of mind.

Charitable Gifting

Donating to non-profit organizations can be very rewarding. If you and your family are considering philanthropic goals, establishing a plan can help you achieve a greater impact.

Asset Protection

Working hard to accumulate assets is only one side of the coin; the other side is knowing how to protect them. As your partner, Foster Financial Group will help you determine the best way to protect your assets based on your unique needs and goals.