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Make sure your family is not financially burdened in the event of a tragedy. You have worked hard to build and maintain financial stability. Protecting your family and estate with an appropriate mix of insurance is one more smart way to invest your resources.

Life Insurance

As the bread winner of the family it is hard to imagine how your family will financially survive without you. With proper life insurance coverage you can feel confident knowing your death is not the beginning of financial struggle. Foster Financial Group can help you determine the best term life or cash value policy to meet your needs.

Long-Term Care Insurance

The rising cost of health care can be a major concern, especially if you or a family member experiences life changing health issues which require long-term health care. You can protect your assets and remove the burden of health care needs with an adequate long-term care insurance plan.

Disability Income Insurance

If you are unable to work due to a health condition, disability income insurance can supplement your income while you recover from the debilitating condition. Along with health insurance, disability income insurance can help keep your finances on track during this temporary or permanent condition.